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When I talk about Leadership I like to say that it boils down to two things, Mindset and Mechanics. By now, we all know that Mindset matters and that things like having the confidence to lead, being able to adapt to a rapidly changing world and giving your best everyday are some of the things that set great leaders apart from the rest of the pack.

When I train and coach executives and business owners about Leadership, I break Mechanics down into Performance and Engagement.

Performance happens when employees are clear about the direction for the company, they buy-in and are committed to the strategy and they are excited to bring the company's goals to life. Everyone is working from a shared vision, they understand how their efforts tie together and they are clear about how they should prioritize their work and spend their time.

Leaders chart the course and then must get everyone on-board to make it happen. To do this, they engage their employees...they inspire them...they empower them, simply put, great leaders build a team of leaders.

To do this, leaders must be great communicators. That's why I teach what I believe is the most under-appreciated and under-utilized tools in our toolbox...conversations. Leaders must be able to communicate effectively in order to coach employees as they overcome obstacles, strengthen team dynamics and give feedback that bypasses resistance.

I also teach how to prepare for and have those huge, conversations...the ones that echo long after they are over. I call them Key Conversations, because these are the conversations that shift your life, your career, even your company in a meaningful way.

I think about it this way, if you look at the major successes and the massive setbacks you’ve had in your career, they can all be traced back to conversations you either had or didn’t have. In fact, your future and that of your company is determined by the quality of conversations you have with your team, your customers and yourself.

I first began to appreciate the importance of conversations not by having good conversations, but from having bad ones. As a result of bad conversations, I've been dumped, individually downsized, and even disowned. Even one or two bad conversations, when the stakes are really high, can have lasting effects on you, your team, your career and your company. Everything we have (or don't have) is the result of our conversations.

Getting hired, being promoted, leading a team all depend on your ability to communicate your message effectively. Even in your personal life, getting into a relationship, getting married, and raising a family, conversations are the backbone of everything that we do.

In fact, let’s start that conversation right now...hi, I’m John Ryan and it’s nice to meet you!

As far as websites go, this is typically the part where I’m supposed to talk about myself in the third person and share with you all sorts of impressive information about me and my background. Instead, let’s have a conversation, as best as we can, as if we were meeting in person.

First, you might be wondering, “Who is this guy?”

At my core, I'd say, I'm a teacher. I provide training, executive coaching, and consulting to thousands of individuals and organizations each year. With over two decades of experience in the training and development industry, I empowers those who empower others.

Over the past 20+ years, I've had the privilege of sharing best practices around communication and change by logging over 1,500 days leading seminars and countless hours of individual and group coaching and consulting. I'm also the host of the Key Conversations for Leaders podcast.

Now, you might be thinking, “How do I know if I will like your stuff?”

The best thing to do is to check out some of my free stuff. Now, when I give free content, I like to give REAL content. Have you ever downloaded a resource or attended a webinar with free content and it turns out to be “content free”? You get all excited for a training and then instead, you get pitched the entire time?

Me too. And yeah. I don’t like that either.

Instead, I like to give value up-front and then if you have a need and I can be of service, we can continue the conversation.

Here's a list of my free resources:

  1. Ebook: The Conversation Formula
  2. Virtual Training: 5 Keys to Creating Certainty in an Uncertain World
  3. Executive Coaching: Executive Strategy Session - we can continue our conversation and plan a free Virtual Training for your team

Great talking with you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Bye for now,

John Ryan

Download The Free Ebook:

The Conversation Formula

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