Over the past 25+ years, I've had the privilege of logging over 2,000 days leading seminars and countless hours providing coaching and consulting. One of the most important things I've learned along the way is that, training and development go hand-in-hand. If you want to really master and apply what you learn in a training, you need on-going support and development.

Creator of Trainings On Demand: I took our high-impact leadership, management and people skills trainings and made them available on-demand and I added in on-going live coaching support calls. This way leaders, managers, business owners and entrepreneurs can learn at their own pace, when it is convenient for them, while also getting the coaching support they need to truly master and apply the skills they are learning.

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Coaching and Consulting: I work with individuals and organizations to increase employee engagement and reduce turnover by providing leadership training and development solutions to stop the talent and knowledge drain that negatively impacts productivity, innovation and profitability.

Disengagement and attrition issues are often the result of a change. Events such as mergers and acquisitions, organizational restructuring, industry disruptions, recessions and even pandemics are catalysts. They set off a chain reaction that leaves managers leading the way through intentional or unintentional change. Something they may or may not be fully prepared to handle.

No matter what is driving disengagement or turnover, the solution comes from the top. Leaders in an organization must be able to establish a common vision, connect with employees, build collaborative teams, and provide coaching, feedback and development that their employees need to succeed. My goal is to help you develop your leadership and management team, so they can empower and engage your workforce.

For more information about how I can assist you in building employee engagement and retention, please contact me.

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Host of Key Conversations for Leaders Podcast: I believe that the future of an organization is determined by the quality of conversations leaders have with their teams, their customers and themselves. My hope is that the amazing information my guests share will spark important conversations at your organization that will engage your employees and drive performance. 🎧 Listen here

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I look forward to starting a conversation with you soon. Until then, remember to develop yourself, empower others and lead by example.

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John Ryan, MBA, MSW

Creator of Trainings on Demand

Host of the Key Conversations for Leaders Podcast

A view from the outside can open up possibilities that are hard to see when you're right in the middle of a change or a challenging situation. I'd be happy to provide that for you. Please feel free to reach out and we can schedule a free Executive Strategy Session.

📧 Email: john@johnryanleadership.com
☎ Phone: 866-707-6868

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