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Dragonfly Cove

We are seeking representation for a MG Adventure novel.

The Characters


A rabbit whose carefree attitude causes her to disregard risks, the consequences of her actions and sometimes the feelings of those around her.


A rabbit who’s danger detector is always on high-alert. Fear causes him to see trouble around every corner and he’s sure the only kind of luck he has, is bad luck.

Abracadabra (Abbie)

A Gray Go-Away-Bird, riddled with self-doubt and prone to blurting when under stress. She was banished from the magical world after being found guilty of intent to break the Cardinal Rule … magic must never be revealed to humans.


An English Sheepdog who just wants things to stay the same … even though they never do.

The Knights of Athena

A magical coven of owls who speak as a collective “we.” They are various species of owls bound by purpose, not bloodlines.

The World

The Cameron family has recently moved to dad’s hometown to provide support to his aging father whose memory is fading and to give Mom the chance to take on her dream job. The transition is not easy on neurodivergent, 10-year-old Mahlon.

He retreats into his magical world, wishing he could cast a spell to calm his nerves and help him fit in. Desperate for someone, or something, to connect with, he adopts, two bunnies, Hocus and Pocus, from a magic shop, and promises to teach them magic.

Mahlon finds a friend in Coda, a 10-year-old girl who is the daughter of his dad’s best friend. She finds his devotion to a hobby that others dismiss enduring and takes him under her wing. The youngest of eight in a musically-gifted family, she navigates social challenges well, but struggles to find her own identity as the only non-musical sibling in her family.

The Block

I created the framework that would become The Block over two decades ago based on my work as a coach. Over the years, I noticed a recurring pattern of blocks that kept my clients from making changes in their lives. Ultimately, I boiled it down to six categories and started to think of it as a cube. The first category is fear and it is the theme of book one of the Dragonfly Cove series.