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  • Autonomy Promotion: Excellent at empowering team members with independence.
  • Trust Building: Creating a culture of trust by showing confidence in team abilities.
  • Innovation Encouragement: Fostering an environment where creativity and innovation thrive.
  • Responsibility Sharing: Distributing responsibilities to develop team skills and confidence.


  • Engagement: Staying connected and engaged with the team’s activities and progress.
  • Feedback Provision: Offering regular constructive feedback and guidance.
  • Mentorship: Providing more direct mentorship and support when needed.
  • Goal Alignment: Ensuring team’s independence aligns with overall organizational goals.
  • Risk Management: Monitoring delegated tasks to mitigate potential risks or issues.

Delegative Leader

As a Delegative Leader, your confidence in your team's abilities is commendable. Your hands-off approach not only fosters independence and innovation but also empowers your team members to take the lead in their respective areas.

This leadership style can be highly effective in cultivating a culture of trust and autonomy. To maintain the success of your delegative approach, it’s important to stay engaged and offer guidance and support when necessary.

While you excel at entrusting responsibilities, periodically checking in and providing feedback can ensure that your team remains aligned with the overall vision and goals. Engaging in leadership development programs can offer you strategies to delegate effectively, ensuring that you strike the right balance between autonomy and guidance, thereby supporting your team's continuous growth and success.

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