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  • Clear Direction: Excel at providing specific instructions and setting precise expectations.
  • Decisiveness: Ability to make quick decisions, especially in critical situations.
  • Control and Oversight: Effective in overseeing projects and ensuring adherence to plans.
  • Crisis Management: Skilled at navigating high-pressure situations with a clear mind.
  • Goal-Oriented: Strong focus on achieving set objectives and targets.


  • Flexibility: Learning to adapt leadership style to different situations and team needs.
  • Empowering Others: Encouraging team initiative and independence.
  • Communication Skills: Enhancing two-way communication and being open to feedback.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Developing sensitivity to team morale and individual needs.
  • Delegation: Trusting team members with responsibilities to foster their growth.

Directive Leader

As a Directive Leader, you exhibit a commanding presence, ensuring that tasks are approached with precision and clarity. Your leadership is particularly effective in high-pressure situations or when working with less experienced team members, as you provide much-needed direction and structure.

Your strengths lie in your ability to set clear goals and create a roadmap for success, making you an invaluable asset in guiding projects from conception to completion. However, to fully leverage your directive style, it’s beneficial to focus on enhancing your communication skills, ensuring your instructions are not only clear but also motivating.

While your skill in initiating action is commendable, fostering an environment where team members can gradually take more initiative and make independent decisions can lead to a more dynamic and self-sufficient team.

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