When I bring up the importance of being a great communicator, which includes being able to deliver powerful presentations, you can feel the anxiety in the room. Many of us seem hard-wired to fear public speaking.

You know who you are! Do you find yourself dreading presentations? Agonizing and preparing for weeks, even months before a presentation? Sweating, shaking and stumbling through speeches?

I’ve got some good news for you. This is a skill, and just like any skill, some of us our naturals, others of us are not, but there are things we can all do to develop our skills and dramatically transform our performance at the front of the room.

Do Presentation Skills Matter?

I know some are you are hoping that the answer to this question is “no.” Unfortunately, the answer is “yes.” How we present our ideas to others is a critical skill, whether one-on-one or in a group setting. The good news is that I share some tips here on how to get started in becoming a powerful presenter.

The First Step to Better Speaking Skills: Know Your Nervous Tells

We’ve all got them…those little things we do that shows everyone in the room we’re nervous. While it’s normal to get some butterflies before a presentation, you want to make sure you’re getting those obvious non-verbal “tells” under control. Get started by reading this article.

Here’s One of My Favorite Public Speaking Anxiety Reducing Tips

I admit it, even I used to get nervous before giving a presentation. Then I learned this little tip and it changed everything.

How to Build Your Public Speaking Skills

Are you playing to your strengths when giving presentations? Here’s how to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward when you’re in the spotlight.

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What Does Nonverbal Communication from Your Audience Mean?

Want to seem like a mind-reader the next time you give a presentation? It’s not hard, if you know what to look for…check out this article to learn more.

An Easy Way to Spot Nonverbal Communication in Your Audience

We’ve all been there…you’re giving a presentation and it seems you’re getting nothing back from the audience. The truth is, no matter how quiet they might be, they are still providing feedback that you can use to engage their interest and understanding. Read this article to learn how to see past the silence.

Prepared Public Speaking: Crowd Management

Have you ever seen an audience member hijack a presentation? They ask an off-topic question, it seems harmless enough, but after all the back-and-forth and follow ups, they are the only person in the room enjoying the presentation. This strategy works like a charm to make sure you, the speaker, are the one in the driver’s seat.