Going North with Dom Brightmon

Dominique "Dom" Brightmon, DTM is an award-winning speaker and certified member of the John Maxwell Team. He is the author of "Going North!: Tips & Techniques to Advance Yourself" & the follow-up bestseller, "Stay the Course: The Elite Performer's 7 Secret Keys to Sustainable Success". Dom host's the Going North podcast, a top rated self-help podcast that interviews authors from all over the world. His mantra is Advance others to advance yourself.


Website: www.dombrightmon.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DomBrightmon

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dombrightmon/

Dom’s Books

In This Episode

  • Advance yourself by advancing others.
  • How to use major life events to re-evaluate priorities.
  • The importance of thinking versus reacting.
  • How to be the light to help others find theirs.
  • The power of immersing yourself in books, audios, and people that lift you up.
  • Why we need to Walk Slowly Through the Crowd
  • The key to deciding to Move Forward, Retreat, or Pivot.
  • How intentionality and awareness precede growth and development.
  • What we Speak About, We Bring About.
  • The Need for Consistency
  • 90% of Success is Showing Up
  • The importance of being authentic and having humility
  • How Elite Performers create Simple Consistent Habits
  • Why you want to change your “Zip Code” and choose a demanding environment. 

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