Owning Change with Erica Groschler

Erica Groschler has over twenty-five years of experience working with organizations helping improve human performance in the workplace. Erica has made working with people and organizations the focus of her career and she is playing a key role in helping companies define and develop their culture and high-performance capability. 


Website: www.tpsconsultingltd.com

LinkedIn: Erica Groscher

Twitter: @EricaGroschler

Inside the Episode:

  • How We’re All Feeling A Sense of Loss and What To Do About It
  • Look Back At The Past to Create Resilience
  • Power of Language and How Our Brains Function
  • How to Direct Your Focus to Manage Your Emotions
  • Getting Out of Blame and Into A Place of Positive Responsibility
  • How to Acknowledge Where You Are, Then Focus on Where You Want to Be
  • The Importance of Honoring People’s Reality, Even If It’s Different Than Yours
  • How to Use Empathy and Compassion to Find Commonality and Build a Common Vision
  • How Our Judgments Create Barriers to Effective Communication and Team-Building
  • The Importance of Trust and Timing Amid the Dynamics of Group Process
  • Deciding to Give Feedback Publicly or Privately
  • 3 Conditions to Consider Before Giving Feedback
  • The importance of Evaluating A Person’s Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence Before Having a Key Conversation
  • Owning Change vs. Sponsoring Change
  • The Need for System-Wide Buy-In for Sustained Cultural Change
  • Using Behaviors as the True Measuring Stick of Organizational Change

John Ryan

Host of Key Conversations for Leaders Podcast, Executive Coach, Consultant, and Trainer

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