7 percenters are great communicators.  This means they understand that people are different and they have effective tools for communicating despite these differences.

Keep in mind that while extroverts thrive in social settings, this setting is an energy drain for introverts.  A common misconception is that introverts are shy and don’t like to talk.  That’s not the case.  Think of it as how they like to recharge after a draining day.  An extrovert recharges by being out among people.  An introvert recharges by being at home.

Introverts can present an interesting communication challenge.  Often most comfortable in familiar surroundings and certainly not looking to be the life of the party, they can be more challenging to draw out than extroverts.  More challenging, but not impossible.

What is the saying about still waters running deep, the same is often true of introverts.  They may not immediately offer up lots of details about themselves, but get them talking and you will often be handsomely rewarded with a deep and insightful conversation. Keep in mind, that unless they are trained in communication skills, it may well fall on you to get the conversation going and perhaps to keep it rolling.  The ENRICH process is perfect to help you get them talking.

Another tip to remember is that while introverts often like to recharge their batteries at home, this is often because it is a place where they can be alone or just around a small number of people with whom they are comfortable.  You can help an introvert recharge while in a social setting by focusing on them 0ne-on-one.  A small group can also work especially if the group includes people they are already quite comfortable around.  So an easy way to begin drawing them out is to start one-on-one and then work them into the larger group.  Get them feeling relaxed and comfortable around you and you could have a new friend for life!

John Ryan

Host of Key Conversations for Leaders Podcast, Executive Coach, Consultant, and Trainer

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