Think A Better Thought™ with Shane Boring

Shane Boring has spent a lifetime studying success and has a passion for helping others realize success in their lives through Coaching, Consulting, and Speaking over the last 25 years.

The greatest lesson Shane has learned is “Learning who the little voice inside my head is and how to control this voice.” This lesson caused Shane to change his conception of everything in his life, and inspired him to share his personal experience in his book, Think A Better Thought™.


Twitter: @shaneboring

Website: Thinkabetterthought

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Think A Better Thought book

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Inside the Episode:

  • How to Think A Better Thought
  • Who Is That Voice Inside Your Head and How to Control It
  • The Importance of Keeping Things Simple
  • The Importance of Fun and Challenge In Growth
  • Focusing on The End Result and Tuning Out the Noise
  • A Simple Exercise to Understand How to Think A Better Thought
  • Training Yourself to Course Correct When Negative Thoughts Arise
  • NASA’s Study on Resetting Habits
  • How to Use Thought-Provokers to Direct Your Focus
  • The Role of Ego and How to Overcome the Fear It Creates
  • Can We Get Rid of The Ego?
  • How to Immerse Yourself in a Positive Internal Environment
  • The Impact of Negative Judgment and How to Stop It
  • How Judgment Destroys Our Personal Genius
  • Convergent vs. Divergent Thinking
  • When You’re Green, You Grow. When You’re Ripe, You’re Rotting.
  • How Accurate and Honest Self-Evaluation Precedes Growth
  • Controlling Your Thinking and Actions
  • Helping Others Change Their Focus Through Questions
  • A Quick Test of Whether You’ve Got Control Of Your Thinking Or Not.

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Host of Key Conversations for Leaders Podcast, Executive Coach, Consultant, and Trainer

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